Intern Introduction: Gaby Martinez

Hey there!

My name is Gabriela Villegas Martinez, but you can call me Gaby for short. I am the Partnerships, Grants, and Recreation Resource Assistant for the Green Mountain National Forest. I received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Environmental Biology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2020.

I have been in Rutland, Vermont for a little over two weeks and it’s been amazing! Originally living in South Texas, I expected a huge cultural, environmental, and emotional shock, but that has not been the case. I can tell you that everyone, from the Forest Service staff to the people at the farmer’s market, has been exceptionally welcoming. Since I am native to Mexico, I thought the difference would make me feel isolated, but it has been the opposite. People here welcome you and will ask to try and speak with you in your language to practice and teach you about their own backgrounds in return. I find this to be extremely refreshing and an unexpected custom that I really appreciate.

As for my internship with the Forest Service, I cannot express how happy I am with it. My supervisor and mentors have made it their priority to involve me with all the departments within Green Mountain. This has allowed me to learn and experience different project designs and handle the resources necessary to meet those goals. Last week, I went out with the Soils crew and got the opportunity to handle the SoLo and ONSITE applications used to map plan, and record soil disturbance monitoring. I look forward to more field opportunities during my internship!

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