Green Mountain National Forest

What can I say about the Green Mountain National Forest? Well, to paint a picture of how enormous it is, the forest is over 400,00 acres of tall trees, wetlands, and exciting mountains harboring rare vegetation. The forest is of utmost importance to Vermont due to its popularity for its outdoor recreation industry. Our work here enables visitors to explore numerous trails of varying difficulty and distance while the Forest Service promotes environmental protection.

The forest is also great at allowing the locals to use its resources for Christmas tree sales, maple tapping, and recreational trails whilst regulating activities to avoid environmental problems. The range itself is an ample refuge to numerous species of plants and animals. If you happen to be around often, it’s normal to encounter wildlife in their natural environment here. Trust me when I say that you will never cease to be awed at the beauty of this forest.

As far as the towns located across the forest, their New England antiquity still holds through the buildings’ architecture. More often than not, I feel like I’ve just walked into a modern version of the old buildings like those you see in movies (especially if you have never been in the Northeastern region of the country like myself).

Communities are small and support local industries rather than invite corporations to stimulate the economy. The state has also established protocols for eco-friendly measures for all businesses. To prove how serious they are, the governor has banned all plastics from Vermont! This was a pleasant discovery on my behalf, seeing how plastic dominates most of our lives in even the most minuscule ways. It’s refreshing seeing how alternative measures have been implemented in place of plastic in Vermont. It’s giving me hope for the future on what state municipality will do in tackling climate change issues.

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