Intern Introduction: Fallon Ross

Click here : Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands- Intern Video

Hello, I am a recent graduate of Louisiana State University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Ecology and Management. My background consists of research analysis in fisheries, soil science and entomology however, I have always had a strong interest in tree cultivation. Fortunately, the Environment for the Americas and the Forest Service has provided me with an opportunity to gain more field experience in forestry as a Resource Assistant. Currently, I am stationed at the oldest federal seedling nursery known as Charles E. Bessey Nursery and the largest man-made forest in America. Starting this journey has been a paradigm shift because this is my first time living in the Mid-West. Being in a remote location has encouraged me to get out and explore everything the Rocky Mountain Region (U.S. Forest Service) has to offer.

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