Intern Introduction: Edward Kim (Yaquina Head)

Born in Texas but raised in Southwestern Indiana, I am a recent college graduate with a major in Political Science and minor in Media Studies. Before moving to the Oregon Coast this past year from the Midwest, I have both worked and studied in England, South Africa, Egypt, South Korea, and Washington DC.  Some of my favorite outdoor hobbies include hiking, rollerblading, dog walking, running, and playing hockey on a frozen lake with friends! I also enjoy respectfully documenting encounters with wildlife through photos/video, and I even recorded a short viral clip of a sea lion that accumulated over 25 million views and was later featured on Good Morning America.

Constantly inspired by the beautiful surrounding ecosystems and my deep interest in environmental policy, I’m thrilled to learn more about land preservation and wildlife protection procedures while educating others on the countless amazing qualities at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area! Some of my main responsibilities as an intern at Yaquina Head include hosting virtual educational programs with school groups, conducting seabird reproduction surveys, roving around site while engaging with visitors, and monitoring tide pool area to ensure wildlife is protected.




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