Intern Introduction: Isabel Tafoya

Hi everyone my name is Isabel Tafoya but you can call me Isa. I’m originally from Angel Fire, New Mexico but I just graduated from the University of New Mexico and Albuquerque where I got a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, with focuses in photography and theater design, as well as a minor in Spanish. My life growing up on a ranch in Northern New Mexico was filled with elements of culture that needed to be explored, where God, magic, and responsibilities are intertwined. My time at UNM gave me the opportunity to discover that I’m an artist with a passion for Education. That brings me to where I am now. I’m currently living at Tumacácori National Historical Park in Southern Arizona. Here my goal is to create a curriculum that facilitates a conversation between Middle School students about how colonialism has affected cultural identity. I hope to use my skills as an artist to create an exciting and engaging curriculum that empowers students to ask impossible questions and have complicated conversations.

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