Intern Introduction: Rebecca Brown

Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca and I’ll be interning with the U.S. Forest Service at Siuslaw National Forest in Oregon this summer. My position will primarily revolve around education and outreach as a field ranger!

I’m originally from Texas, so moving all the way up to Oregon is a huge change for me. I’m looking forward to my time in the northwest and I can’t wait to learn about all the different plants and wildlife native to the area. I also couldn’t wait to take a break from the Texas heat!

I’ve always held a deep passion for nature, so being able to participate in this internship and learn from those who have dedicated their time and resources to conservation and outreach is an amazing opportunity. Being able to have an active role in changing our communities for the better is an experience I’ll never forget. I know that Oregon is also very unique in biome diversity. From the shoreline to the temperate rainforest found within Siuslaw itself – I love learning more about how these critical habitats are being conserved and protected by the Forest Service. These are a few of the many reasons I’m looking forward to my internship!

My training began in mid-May and I moved up to Oregon two weeks ago! Now I’m hard at work assisting those within and outside of Siuslaw in their efforts to sustain, protect, and educate. A few of the projects we are looking to start soon include performing shorebird surveys, conducting education programs, and organizing opportunities for volunteers and schools to engage in citizen science projects. I’m excited to get started and share what I discover with everyone!

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