Greetings! Intern Introduction

Ya’at’eeh! (Greetings!) My name is Shayla Tate and I am born to the Ashiihi Clan (The Salt People Clan) and born for the Tsi’naajinii Clan (The Black Streak Clan). I am from the Navajo Nation. Growing up, I have always enjoyed a wide range of outdoor activities such as, hiking, biking, and running. Much of my hobbies at the moment are painting, it’s something I really loved doing since I was small. Being born and raised in Arizona, I loved the scenery the most and when I moved all the way up to Maryland last summer, it was a huge change. I love the rain here and how green everything is.

As a recent graduate of Fort Lewis College with a focus on Native American and Indigenous studies, I am very excited to be working as an intern for EFTA.  I have always been passionate about helping others in my communities and this has served as my motivation. Much of my career goals are shaped by my upbringing on the Navajo Tribal Reservation, I would like to ensure the economic and cultural development in my communities and other Native American communities. With this internship I am very excited to work alongside other interns. I believe that EFTA will provide much skills and knowledge, as well as creating relationship with communities.

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