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My name is Anthony Pico. I am from Santa Barbara, CA, born and raised. After graduating high school early in 2016, I attended Santa Barbara City College from 2016-2019 where I earned 3 Associates degrees consisting of: Criminology, Law Enforcement Emphasis and Associate of Arts. After graduating from Santa Barbara City College, I attended University of California Irvine from 2019-2021 where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Criminal, Law and Society. During my educational journey, I have had insightful professional relationships with numerous professors whose careers beforehand were; police chiefs, detectives, forensic investigators, attorneys, and law enforcement officers, further fueling my ambition and respect for the field of law enforcement.

I am currently a Resource Assistant as a Law Enforcement Intern for the United States Forest Service located in Clovis, CA, a great opportunity that I am immensely grateful for. Patrolling the Sierra National Forest which is over 1.3 million acres , there is a lot of terrain as well as beautiful views when on patrol consisting of; Lakes, high mountain tops, beautiful trees and much wildlife. With my main hobbies consisting of fishing, camping and hiking, being a Resource Assistant is a humbling experience as it has so far been everything I expected and much more. Only two weeks in, I have had numerous ride-alongs with Captain Renee Villanueva, law enforcement officer Nick Beer and special Agent N. Mauro. From deer validation to preserve wildlife, fire regulation to prevent more wildfires, and informing the public of nature, this has been an eye-opening experience as its further fuels my passion for protecting and preserving mother earth. Being a part of this agency is a great privilege, and I would like to thank Environment for the Americas for their constant support and outreach for diversity and inclusion in the workforce. With this six month internship, I look to maximize my potential through my work ethic, dedication, and field work as I work with great accredited individuals in this agency. Below I have attached a short video giving a synopsis of what my time here has consisted of so far, until next time!

One of Many Beautiful Lakes, Bass Lake located in the Sierra National Forest
Short Introductory Video
A beautiful view from a high vantage point overlooking the Sierra National Forest

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