My name is Elisha Danielle Ednacot and my hometown is Fairfield, California. I am a first generation college student and am a proud Filipino-American. I grew an interest learning about the environment after my father told me stories of his childhood in the Philippines. The ocean and land was very fertile and the ocean water was clear, showing the abundance of natural diversity below. After visiting my father’s hometown and seeing the amount of degradation compared to what he had previously described, I felt more inclined to see what I can do in gaining an education towards understanding and protecting the environment — locally, or at the state level at the very least.

I am a new student intern and look forward to working with my peers and the community by enhancing the skills I have learned in university through implementing them in the field. I see this as an outstanding opportunity to learn from, teach, and meet many other people — those who are also enthusiastic in taking action toward protection, preservation, and management of our environment! I have many skills to learn and am excited to be living and working in such a beautiful location.

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