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Hi everyone!

My name is Val, and I am a Program Assistant for the National Recreation Fee Program located in Portland, OR. Although my position is for the Washington Office, it is detached at the Region 6 Regional Office. Under Covid-19 Telework guidance, I am working from home in Portland, OR, although the Regional Office is located in the heart of downtown!

I have been living in Portland for the better part of the last 5 years and was excited to find a Forest Service opportunity here as well.

Portland has an amazing food scene and a variety of nightlife. Best of all , you can find yourself in the middle of a forest or on a sandy river in just 15 minutes. National Forests are within an hour from Portland, including Mt. Hood National Forest and the Columbia River Gorge. During the summer, sandy beaches and surf swells are just an hour and a half from Portland and surfing quickly became a summertime hobby of mine while living here.

Through my position, I will have the chance to visit some of the national forests here in Region 6, and hopefully get a peek at the view of Mt. Hood from the Regional Office!

Thanks for reading!

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