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My Name is Anthony Pico, and I am a resource assistant for the United States Forest Service, Region 5 located in Clovis, CA. My main office is located in Clovis, CA, which is the Sierra National Forest Headquarters, but my primary tasks consist of fieldwork . I am working throughout the Sierra National Forest, which consists of over 1.3 million acres. There is so much to learn as well as see, from snow filled regions, to eagle eye outlooks, to beautiful ravines and many other scenic views. In addition, some other humbling opportunities that my site offers are public outreach such as job fairs, student outreach for youth, and learning the dispatch process behind closed doors. With neighboring communities utilizing the Sierra National Forest such as; Oakhurst, Mariposa, Prather, Shaver Lake and many more communities, public outreach is imperative to keep people informed and build better interpersonal relationships.

I have been Living in Fresno County for a little over a month now and secured a Airbnb, where I will be residing until the conclusion of my Internship in March. In a large city like Fresno, there is much to do in regards to the city life, recreational activities and transitioning to a whole new area. I have lived in Santa Barbara, CA the past 23 years, so this is a change that I am immensely grateful for. With the Sierra National Forest consisting of 5 current Active Law enforcement officers, getting different perspectives from each one has been a vital part of this internship as it has built my fundamental understanding of how to be a effective and sound Law enforcement officer. With winter right around the corner, I will be able to begin snow patrol as well as other fun activities that will make this internship even more memorable. With only 5 weeks in and over 250 hours completed, time sure is flying by, and I am just trying to soak up as much information as possible to succeed in this career that I have a great passion for. I am elated about this opportunity that Environment for the Americas has given me as it has further fueled my ambition since I have arrived, until next time!

Pictured is A Job Fair that was held where we answered questions from the public and did outreach for career opportunities for the Forest Service, a humbling experience.
A beautiful Ravine cross while on Patrol In the Sierra National Forest

A eagle eye Outlook of the Sierra National Forest

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