Tonto National Forest Supervisor’s Office

I work out of the Tonto National Forest Supervisor’s Office (S.O.) in Phoenix, AZ, and I work in person at least once a week. I have a shared office, but it’s practically my own large office because not many people come to work in-person. My supervisor’s office is conveniently next door to mine, so she is only a few steps away when I have questions. I help with field work 2-3 times per week, so I travel a lot for my job. I really enjoy the long scenic drives up to Payson, which is the northernmost part of the forest. We have some of the most work in the Payson district so we take the two hour trek up there at least once a week. I’ve had the chance to meet a ton of Payson Ranger Station folks since a large handful of them work in person on a regular basis, including some of their FS horses and mules that are used for field work. I’ve also met a small handful of S.O. folks, including a fellow RA, Ricardo. Everyone has been super welcoming, and I look forward to getting to work with everyone I have met so far!

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