Tahoe National Forest

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I’m Kaylee Reed and I am a law enforcement trainee through the U.S. Forest Service and a Resource Assistant with Environment For The Americas! I have mentioned before in my pervious blog post that I was born and raised in Sacramento and got my bachelor’s degree from Chico State, so it’s safe to say I am close to home living here in the Tahoe/Nevada City area, being only 1 hour away from Sacramento and about 1.5 hours away from Chico! It has been a little over a month here in the Tahoe National Forest and I definitely have seen more of the 870,000+ acres now than I did growing up near it. I know most people probably hear Tahoe National Forest and think immediately of only the Lake Tahoe area, which is a part of it, but there is much more to this forest than that here in California! I am actually living in barracks (government housing) that are within the Tahoe National Forest, and it’s about 15 mins outside of Nevada City, California where our Supervisor’s Office (headquarters) is. I am an avid runner and mountain biker and living in the forest, right next to all the trails is quite literally the best thing that could have happened to me. I was anxious at first, but after the first week I fell in love with where I am working and living. I do spend some time in the office, but I am fortunate enough that most days I am out in the forest on patrol with my officers.

Headed towards Madrone Springs;
Fall colors are here in Tahoe National Forest!
Golden Quartz Day Use Area;
popular swimming spot in the summer
Tall pine trees on the Pioneer Trail;
popular trail for mountain bikers and runners

I have many officers through the Tahoe National Forest that I will be able to ride along with and see different perspectives in different parts of the forest. I have the two officers that work out of our headquarters here in Nevada City that I have spent most of my time with thus far. I have another officer that works out of the American River Ranger District, one that was in Truckee, and two more out on the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU). There is a female officer out on the LTBMU and I am super excited to be able to patrol with her and get her perspective of the job and in that area of the Tahoe. I would have to admit that I am more familiar with the American River and Lake Tahoe area of the Tahoe National Forest because growing up and my time through junior college that is where I spent most of my time recreating! It has been fun working and living in a new area of the forest that I haven’t visited before, but I also can’t wait to be able to patrol the other parts of the forest that I know and love but now with a different perspective.

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