Uinta wasatch cashe national forest

I currently work on the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest in Utah, where I am stationed in the Ogden Ranger District working in Law Enforcement. The entire Forest in exactly 2,169,596 acres. The national forest is Located in Region 4 where parts of the forest stretch into Idaho. It is said that the Uinta Wasatch Cache Forest is the most popular forest in the nation. During my time here, which will mostly be during the fall and winter seasons, the public is granted the opportunity to participate in recreational activities such as snow boarding, skiing, snow mobile riding and ice fishing, just to name a few. This forest provides Ski resorts and even little cabin areas for public use. From a Law enforcement standpoint, most officers spend lots of their time speaking to the public and ensuring that the public is aware of safety guidelines and natural resource use. Just like anywhere else in the country, crimes are constantly being committed in the National Forest. Since assisting with patrolling on the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest, I have seen law enforcement constantly give citations for federal laws that are violated in the forest.

Wildlife is a very popular part of the Uinta Wasatch Cache forest. Because the state of Utah is in the midst of their hunting season, I have seen many hunters and wild animals here. Some of the popular hunts here on this forest include the Riffle Deer Hunt, The Riffle Elk and the Cow Elk hunt. The forest requires certain permits that allow the public to participate in these hunts. It is a very busy but exciting event in the forest. As I continue to assist law enforcement in the Uinta Wasatch Cache National forest, I plan to take advantage of the beautiful sights, weather changes, and recreational opportunities that are provided.

Logan Canyon covers the state of Utah and Idaho on the Uinta Watashe Cashe National Forest
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