Snowy Egret found on Alcatraz photo from NPS

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor, “Wildlife biologists study animals and other wildlife and how they interact with their ecosystems.” In my humble opinion they do much more than this. Wildlife biologists help protect, conserve, educate, and research. As human populations start to expand more and more into the last of the wild areas, wildlife biologist find themselves now taking up the role as mediators between human and wildlife conflicts. Managing wildlife is different in every city, state, and country. It is also heavily based on seasons, a winter season of field work will look drastically different than a summer season.

With all that being said lets look into a day of my life!

I am currently in working in San Francisco, California at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We are heading into our winter season of field work. Unfortunately, this means our field work slows down and we pick up more office work. Currently my office work consists of a variety of task, birding and learning the species of both song and shoreline birds of Alcatraz is a big part of my work currently. I am preparing myself for upcoming bird surveys like the winter bird survey that will be coming up shortly. Another big part of my office work is working on the One Tam camera monitoring project. GOGA (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) teamed up with One Tam for a trail camera monitoring project. The work consist of going through trail camera photos and identify wildlife within the photos. This project is one of the more exciting office work projects as you never know what the trail camera will catch! If you are interested in learning more about the One Tam project you can check them out here! (https://www.onetam.org/our-work). Office work may seem dull and less exciting then field work but it is just as vital as this is when we analyze our data, write our papers, and look for peer reviews to help us publish our studies. No matter the work, large or small, it all helps us move forward towards our bigger goal.

Fawn trail camera photo from OneTam project
Bobcat trail camera photo from OneTam project

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