The Day of a Financial Project Assistant

As a Financial Project Assistant, I have several duties that range from one time administrative tasks to weekly and daily duties that I perform regularly. On a weekly basis, I will put together an agenda for our weekly budget staff meetings. I do this so that we can assure that anything that needs to be discussed is discussed. This agenda is created from notes that I gather at various meetings throughout the week. There an so many moving parts when it comes to budget and most of them require some kind of meeting to coordinate our efforts. I take notes to keep a record of what is said at the meetings so that my supervisor can go back and recall that information.

I also have recurring responsibilities with my partner organization, EFTA. I attend regular meetings with them where they educate me on a variety of topics such as Federal resumes and how to identify workplace harassment. I also have regular blogs such as this one so that I can give updates on how my position is going. The responsibilities I have with EFTA are more so for my learning and engagement and I am grateful that they do so much to expand my learning. I was even able to visit them and see where they operate in person! This was a great and unique opportunity because everything I have been doing so far has been remote so It was very nice to actually see the people I have been interacting with.

As far as the miscellaneous tasks go, I have had a couple. These tasks are usually more administrative and help my supervisor in her organization so that she can better do her job. Currently, I am working on a work organization spreadsheet to keep track of all the tasks assigned to the people she supervises. I am also working on a template that will track trainings that are required by the USFS so that we can better budget for that expense. Previously, I have created a leave template to track staff days off, gathered information to be uploaded to an internal staff website and other ad hoc responsibilities.

Overall I am very happy with this position. I have a set of regular and predicable responsibilities but also many varying tasks that keep things very interesting. Hope to see you in the next blog!

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