A look at my sites as a habitat restoration intern

We work through, sunshine, rain, and fog. No matter the weather, our sites come with very beautiful views.

South Rodeo Beach. This is where we pull erharta grass. Although ice plant is here, we leave it so erharta doesn’t have any room to grow. We have to mitigate a more harmful invasive plant first!
White Gate. This is a french broom site. There is so much french broom here that we love to take our volunteers to this site!
Hike to Kirby Cove. This is a fennel site. It is along the Kirby Cove trail. Fennel is a tough plant to pull, it is all over the park, but at least it smells great!
Bicentennial Campgrounds. This is an erharta and cape ivy site. the trees here are also not native, but we have to focus more on what is spread easier throughout the park.
Rodeo Beach. We pulled all this ice plant with help of our volunteers!

Future Work Site

Stinson Gulch. This area has been previously worked on by past interns. Once full of french broom and invasive grasses, is now transitioning into a native prairie with planted oak trees, rushes, willows, and more! We will begin working in this area when it is time for new blooms!

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