New and Interesting in the Law Enforcement Field


LEO’s are rare and unique in their position in the Forest. Only one officer covers millions of acres of Forest Service System Lands. Opportunities arise when tourist peak seasons occur—millions of tourists enjoying the scenery and living adventurous lifestyles. With pleasure comes responsibility and safeness for the lands and others enjoying the outdoors.
LEO’s have a diverse work schedule, from a casual drive in the woods to contacting individuals within the day by providing educational information to common questions asked daily. In an instant, a fire call may come in. Domestic violence, animal scares or accidents, individual conflicts, drugs, and alcohol search and rescue, missing individuals, to various other situations. I’ve learned that the job entails flexibility and adaptability to any situation. Respect and understand the individuals you are dealing with and balance between work and life. I’ve learned and admired the Law Enforcement position by how rewarding it can be and demanding. The opportunities are limitless, and the experience and connections you make in the field are fun and exciting.

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