Something that I’VE LEARNED

After four months of interning with Law Enforcement for the United States Forest Service there a plethora of things I can speak and expound on when it comes to the things I have learned. However, one of the most exciting, yet thrilling things I learned about was operating a vehicle in the snow. Because I lived in Florida my entire life, driving in the snow was never a lesson that was taught. Since being in Utah, it has almost become a necessity for survival.

During my first month as an intern, I had the opportunity to become certified in operating Off highway vehicles. My training ironically was in the mountains a couple days after a snowstorm, so it was the ultimate test for me. All in all, I successfully completed the course.

Also, while interning in various parts of Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho, I have learned that accidents are very common in the snow. At the conclusion of each traffic accident, I sit down with an officer and they describe to me what went wrong and why the accidents occurred and what could have happened to prevent the collision.

I’ve learned about things that are required in the snow while driving such as tire chains, four-wheel drive, a shovel and a Tow-strap to help ensure the safety of yourself and the public while operating a vehicle in the snow.

SUV Slides off 45 yard cliff in sow
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