An Unexpected Adventure

As a law enforcement officer, it has become more clear that each day passes, to expect the unexpected. Whether it be unexpectedly a positive or negative course of action, being adaptable and optimistic is imperative to thrive in this particular career field. That being said, unexpected adventures are one of many positive qualities as a law enforcement officer for a long and prosperous career, as the variation and thrill make it even more worthwhile. For example, an unexpected adventure that I went through was participating in OHV (Off-highway vehicle) work, where we would travel up to the high country of the forest and close down designated trails for regulatory and safety reasons. Initially I thought: a simple drive through terrain, but boy was I wrong. With snowy conditions, high terrain and uneven road consisting of boulders and other impediments, it was my first time doing extremely rigorous off-road travel, an adventure I wouldn’t forget. Driving in a OHV vehicle with a long time forest service employee, I was able to assist in closing gates that only a experienced driver and equipped vehicle could endure and complete with success.

The beginning of the adventure, snow roads slowly transforming to difficult roads
Always Keep a chainsaw handy, you might have to cut your way out of situations

Travelling to high elevations with cold conditions and many other hindering factors, this rough adventure that was unexpected made me more appreciative of Forest land, as mother nature makes no exceptions for no man or woman. By understanding the terrain and those willing to endure all the elements as a totality, they will seek success on their journey. All things considered, this rough unexpected adventure taught me to be prepared, expect a bumpy ride, and to always be willing to adapt to the elements in the forest imperative lessons that I will take into account

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