An Unexpected but Exciting Adventure

Last Season I was introduced to the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) world. So far, it’s been amazing and inspirational. This opportunity through the internship has been rewarding by offering the chance to experience new things in the Forest Service that I would have never thought were possible, educational lessons/teaching moments and a new career path. Since this transition, I’ve been on a new journey to become one and all it has to offer. I’ve learned that being an LEO, you have to be flexible, available, aware, transitional, and always open to new things.

Thus far, I’ve been able to work with Game Warden’s, Fish and Game, Search and Rescue, County Sheriffs, State Police, Detectives, other LEO’s around the Region, and more. Each position holds a specialty but one primary purpose:to provide a safe environment for the people and the natural resources we enjoy our time in. With that being said, what’s been unexpected on this journey has been the individuals that support you, the contacts you make in the field, situations you come across, and the fun you have with the equipment and job itself.

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