An Unexpected Adventure

Learning to expect the unexpected should be a motto if you end up in the Law Enforcement world.  I think I have mentioned in the last two blog posts that being apart of Law Enforcement teaches you how to be flexible, think on your feet, and to move quickly.

My officers and I were on the east side of the Tahoe National Forest in Truckee patrolling via snowmobile (which is difficult on its own, in my opinion).  We were headed back to the trucks to load the snowmobiles up to go home when one of my officers gets a call from a county sheriff that there is a search and rescue in place for someone near us and asked if we could assist.  The easiest way to get there is to drive, then get on snowmobiles out to where they were asap because someone was under ice.  After he got off the phone with that call, he gets another call for different incident that is also needing a search and rescue assist: there is a lost hiker in the Sierra Buttes area, also needed snowmobiles to get out to that individual asap.  It’s very rare that we can have multiple officers together on the same day in the same district working together, but luckily there were three of them, plus me.  So the four us headed out to the Sierra Buttes area, ready to assist volunteer search and rescue team to help find a lost hiker.

At this point, this was my second time ever riding a snowmobile, the first time only being 2 days prior to this and it was learning how to ride the snowmobile at the training.  I was nervous, but ready to go and do my best which is all you can do when you are put into unexpected situations.  Being in this work force is trying, exciting, and rewarding, I think these aspects of the job are enjoyable in the sense of never having the same day twice in your field work.  You truly can not anticipate what will happen in the work day. You can always make a plan but nine times out of ten it’s going to change.

Sunset near Sierra Buttes at 18:15
Snowmobile patrol at Little Truckee Summit
Video of the sun going down near Sierra Buttes at 17:37
Mills Peak lookout on Plumas National Forest

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