I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take place in the Resource Assistants Program with EFTA and the US Forest Service. While I am only halfway through my year long term in this position, I am happy to have made it this far and to have seen what my fellow interns have discovered as well. The staff in NFS budget have been some of the kindest and most inclusive coworkers I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside and I want to thank them as well as the EFTA staff for getting me to where I am today.

While I have been stuck in remote work, it has been very cool to see all the things that my fellow interns get to do in their positions. Going out, seeing, and protecting nature is a selfless role. While budget isn’t very involved on the grounds with this work, it has been interesting to see how money is apportioned and how we are able to facilitate the achievement of their goals. Especially with the Rainbow Family Gatherings coming up, I wish the law enforcement interns the best as they protect the lands that we watch over.

Despite being halfway though my program, I want to give a farewell in this final blog to those who’s internships are coming to a close.


Nick Pontejos

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