My RA Position: Cooperative Education

Enjoying one of my favorite viewpoints at Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico. This forest is a part of Southwestern Region. Taken a few years ago during my visit to the forest.

Cooperative Education RA: Southwestern Regional Office

My position for this internship is Cooperative Education Resource Assistant. My office location is at Southwestern Regional Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Within the Regional Office is the Office of Communication and Engagement. The Engagement part of this office is where I will be working in during this internship. The goal of the engagement office is to engage the public through outreach programs and environmental education.

A Day in My Position

Like most of the office staff at the Regional Office, my position is temporarily virtual or remote. I am working virtual at home, just outside of Albuquerque. Through my internship as a Cooperative Education RA, I will be doing projects that will add to the education curriculum and take part in environmental outreach projects to the southwestern public. I grew up in New Mexico and have always had a love for the southwest forests. Every year I visit the southwest forests in New Mexico to hike, camp, and enjoy the outdoors, including Santa Fe National Forest (pictured above). I am honored to be a part of this team to bring educational opportunities to other people that want to learn about nature and grow an appreciation for the southwestern forests.

During my first month as an RA, I have been working on an interactive activity that could be used for community restoration projects or a classroom based activity. I have also had the opportunity to learn about Forest Service interpretation and educational programs through trainings and engagement with FS staff. I am looking forward to my next projects in the upcoming months and continuing this RA adventure!

The map above shows the Region 3 National Forests & Grasslands. The Regional Office serves all of these forests and the surrounding communities.

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