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Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge

With Spring soon approaching and everything coming alive, now is a good time to tell you about where I work. Located in Liberty Texas, Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 30,000 acres of habitat along the Trinity river.

If you’ve never been to southeastern Texas, then you may not be familiar with the geography of the area. The refuge is seated on a wetland, where flooding occurs at any time. thus leaving us with quite the predicament when it comes to doing field work. You have to be ready to get wet and muddy! Unlike most Wildlife Refuges, here at Trinity River our goal is to protect habitat above any one particular species. The bottomland hardwood forest provides habitat for an abundance of flora and fauna. Home to giant cypress trees, magnolia trees, alligator snapping turtles, bald eagles and many many more, Trinity River offers a perspective like no other.

There are plenty of recreational opportunities on the refuge. With 37 miles of trail and countless more water trails where you can paddle, boat, fish, or hunt people from all backgrounds can come and enjoy the wildlife and views that Trinity River NWR has to offer. For anyone looking to get their children excited about the outdoors, we offer a JR. Ranger program designed to educate the students about what it means to be a wildlife biologist and what we do on the refuge and in the community. So if you’re ever visiting southeast Texas, come and visit Trinity River National Wildlife refuge for a truly one of a kind opportunity!

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