What I Do In a Day

As a Support Services Specialist, my overarching responsibility is to support the Boise RMRS Lab. This often varies depending on what the lab’s present needs are. Some days I spend in my office communicating via TEAMS and email with various people involved in MRDE, completing necessary administrative duties such as purchasing refrigerators for long-term seed storage, handling this year’s inventory report, and budget management. I also spend time coordinating with others outside of the Forest Service for important science communication/outreach projects such as the Intertribal Nursery Council’s conference in the Fall. I also work on leaf sample processing and GIS training when I get the chance. Leaf sample processing consists of scanning leaves and ensuring the leaves are accurately outlined in order to collect preliminary data. Other days, I get to go out in the field and assist with data collection at the common gardens. I help with weeding cheatgrass, filling out surveys on each individual plant with necessary information such as phenological phase and rosette diameter, and collecting leaf samples.

Due to the common gardens being located around the Great Basin, assisting with fieldwork allows me to travel to other areas of Idaho and surrounding states such as Nevada and Washington. In March, our team grew as we got 2 Conservation Land Management (CLM) interns. Being able to work with other people my age who share similar interests has made workdays and weekends even more enjoyable! Our team will only continue to grow in April as we welcome new seasonal and temporary hires. 

Overall, a day in my position never looks the same and that is truly one of my favorite parts of working with the Forest Service. The connections I have been able to make and the experiences I have had during my time out West have been extremely rewarding so far.

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