My Forest Visit and Training Adventure

View from the Mogollon Rim, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona.

Wilderness First Aid Course

As a part of my training and individual development plan, I had the opportunity to take a Wilderness First Aid training in Phoenix, Arizona. My wilderness first aid training was a 2 day, rigorous course that teaches the assessment of and treatment to ill or injured persons in the wilderness or in the backcountry. The course allowed for hands-on experiences and realistic scenarios (even with fake blood) to help facilitate learning. This course allowed me to learn more about wilderness survival skills and to be better prepared in an emergency in the backcountry. The course also showed me what I need to add to my backcountry gear for emergencies, including a better first aid kit and an emergency blanket. This course was a great experience and I am so grateful for the knowledge it gave me!

Forest Visits

On route to and from my Wilderness First Aid training in Phoenix, I made stops at several National Forests in Arizona, including Apache-Sitgreaves NF and Coconino NF. These national forests (along with other forests in Arizona and New Mexico) are in Region 3 of the Forest Service, which is the region that my resource assistant position is located. At the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, I made a stop at the Mogollon Rim Visitor Center overlook (pictured above). The Mogollon Rim overlook is a beautiful view of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest landscape and mountain ranges. I also had a stop at Willow Springs Lake, a pristine and quiet lake near the Mogollon Rim overlook. After my training in Phoenix, I made my way to Coconino National Forest. The area of the Coconino that I visited was near Sedona, AZ. The Coconino near Sedona offers beautiful red-rock views amongst the juniper and pine forest (pictured below). My visit to these forests was a great opportunity for me to see the vast diversity and beauty of the southwestern region!

Coconino National Forest, view of the forest near Sedona, AZ.

Desert Botanical Garden

In Phoenix, I had the opportunity to visit the Desert Botanical Garden. The garden is home to thousands of species of cactus, trees, and flowers found in the southwestern deserts and deserts around the world. This place was incredible and I loved seeing and spending time learning about the desert plant species and how they survive in the desert climate! I also had the opportunity to see the Desert Botanical Garden’s Cactus Clubhouse. The Cactus Clubhouse allows kids to engage in an outdoor, nature space that allows them to play, create, and build. The Cactus Clubhouse was made possible through grant funding, including a grant from the Forest Service. It was so great to see this play area for kids and to learn how the Forest Service is bringing environmental education to the public!

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