Fishing in the Prairie

Here at Homestead National Historic Park, we have two areas that can be used for potential fishing activities. Currently, not many visitors come to the park to fish, but our pond near the Heritage Center is a great place to learn how to fish. We have black bullheads here at the park that I have been able to catch in the pond. We may also have bluegill located in Cub Creek, but finding a good access point to the creek for visitors to safety access will be tricky. I wonder if homesteaders fished during their free time, or even ate fish as a special meal? It will be fun to explore fishing within the park and find ways to advertise fishing to our potential visitors.

  • Aviva Saadatfar
    Posted at 15:18h, 16 June

    Woohoo Lindsay! Looks like fun 🙂

  • Laurina Sebaklim
    Posted at 17:23h, 17 June

    Yaaay Lindsay!!! Awesome pictures <3