Mingus Mill Creek Trail

The Great Smoky Mountains is full of beautiful, quiet, adventurous, and historic trails. One of the first trails I have done and my favorite is the Mingus Mill Creek Trail. It is besides the Mingus Mill and it is a 5.8 round-trip trailing hike. It follows various creeks and reaches an old cemetery. The walk is quiet and surrounded by beautiful trees and creeks. I have gone there two times and each trip has been a unique and unforgettable one. In my first trip I saw around 20 salamanders, on my second trip I saw around 10 and a juvenile Tufted Titmouse as a bonus. (Baeolophus bicolor). This has become my favorite hike, it gives me time to think and enjoy the little things in life. I will continue to walk this trail for the rest of the summer, bathing in the pleasure of nature.

It is the unmarked graves that tell the history of this cemetery and forest
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