First Time For Everything

After a few weeks of my internship, the time finally came for me to present a program. Leading up to this point, I was nervous. This nervousness was due to a new environment, programs, and new students! Before the program, I learned more about fishing and the Jr. Ranger Angler Activity Book. With the new information, I came to the point where I was ready to present a program. The program was based on the Jr. Ranger Angler Activity Book. The focus was on allowing campers from Dunwoody Nature Center to have a chance to earn their Jr. Ranger Angler badge. Doing the program came out to be a “breeze”. Most of the campers were experienced at fishing and there wasn’t much that needed to be explained. Even with this, I made sure to talk about how to be safe with fishing. In addition to fishing, some of the campers had the opportunity to do some canoeing. Seeing everyone full of joy reminded me why I love doing what I do. I cannot wait to do more programs in the future.

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