Welcome to…Whiskeytown National Recreational Area! Come along!

A little about myself...

Hello! My name is Jess Angulo

Favorite animal: Any Raptor, Deer, American Dipper

I am currently a student at Cal Poly Humboldt studying Wildlife Conservation and Management with an interest in Wildlife/Human conflicts and habitat restorations!

I am apart of the Conservation Unlimited Club at CPH, I am also involved in INRSEP and LSAMP and now Environment for the Americas! 

This summer I am working with Fish and Feathers over at Whiskeytown Recreational National Park!

this summer...

I will be developing and doing a couple of projects related to fish and avian species in Whiskeytown Recreational park!

Leading hiking programs

Assisting water programs 

Conducting a bird species list for the park

Assisting with weather measurements 

Roving trails

Flag duty

Park Information Booth

in my next blog, i will explore into the parks history, land acknowlgemts, wildlife, what to dos and more!
lets go!

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