Whiskeytown Projects: Tipping the Scales for Salmon, Birding Buttons and More!

“Isn’t it the birds and the bees not the bird and the fish Jess?”

Well, as of May 31st, it seems that bees are now considered fish according to the California court which has ruled bees can legally be considered fish under specific circumstances! Just a little fun fact haha!

But enough of that, in this blog I will share my current and future projects for Fish and Feathers specific to Whiskeytown!

Birding Project:  Birding Basics!

For one of my program projects, I wanted to make birding accessible to anyone and easy for anyone! I want to remove the intimating stigma that birding is just for older people who know their stuff and know where to travel.

Birding can be done anywhere and it is super fun, even at the very basic level!

  • I made sound buttons with pictures of the host bird for kids and adults to explore and memorize (I included famous raptor in Whiskeytown and a mostly universal song bird) 
  • I provided silhouette pages of basic bird shapes to get others familiar with the different types of birds they will see everyday!
  • I had Binoculars out to show how these awesome tools work
  •  Answered questions and shared tips and tricks for new and older birders alike!

Fish Project: Tipping the Scales for Whiskeytown Fish

In this project, I table and answer questions about Whiskeytown park, but in the meanwhile, I explain  why fish are cool and important to Whiskeytown!

  • I answer any fishing/fishing regulation questions related to Whiskeytown
  • Show why fish are important for the the surrounding environment 
  • Explain ways we can help our fishy friends!
  • Kids can color and make fish hats and add to the helpful scales for the scale poster!
  • They can also visually see our restoration projects and feel a sample of a WT  water curtain!

Birding Project: American Dipper Home 

This one was fun! Scott and I were able to read and do arts and crafts for the Weaverville library.

I was given the task to make up an arts and crafts activity for the American Dipper!

  • Kids would learn about the American Dipper
  • They would be able to make an American Dipper home out of different colored paper, they would make the water, logs and trees for shade and a waterfall!
  • Then they would make their little American Dipper finger puppets, these puppets were also able to stand on their own!

Fishing Project: Salmon Restoration Hike

(Featuring Whiskeytown Environmental School Summer Camp!)

This was one of my favorites, this was a hike program I would lead for the public as well as Whiskeytown Environment School .

This hike focused on Whiskeytown’s Restoration projects for the Chinook Salmon along with the salmons special history.

  • I would explain the Chinooks special connection with the Wintu people
  • I would go over the salmons historic decline due to mining, overfishing and dams
  • Guests would be able to climb down to the water and feel the cold temperature of the water as I explain why we keep it so cold for the salmon
  • we would then go see a ‘salmon nest’ as I explain the biology of this special salmon
  • share even more restoration projects everyones able to see and touch!


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