Law Enforcement Intern Journey

Briana & I attended the Motherlode Fair in Sonora, Ca where we educated many children and adults about preventing wildfires. We also were taught hand signals that children learn in school to remind them at our booth. We remind the children about Smokey’s rules and what to do when they see someone playing with matches, lighters, or fire. Smokey is very popular in this small town and the children were very excited when they got to meet Smokey the Bear. I educated the youth about the dangers of fire and how we can prevent any future fires. We taught the children the safety precautions when interfering with fire. Not only were the children informed, but the adults were informed about the importance of using their lawn equipment at a certain time of day. There were interactive games the children can play, including how to put a campfire out. We had firefighters come by and help with the children. We taught many of them the hand signals and the safety rules to explain to the children while at the booth. We wanted to engage as much interaction with the children to have them win prizes and get connected with the local firefighters. Throughout the days we were able to associate with local fire individuals in Tuolumne County.

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