Outdoorsy Work

I was able to work with a team of Law Enforcements Officers and ecologists to clean up after a marijuana site. We were able to witness the process of transportation of garbage such as tarps, hoses, generators, sleeping bags, etc, by using a helicopter to drop off in specific landing zones. We overall collected over 4,000 pounds of trash just for this one grove site. In much bigger grove sites, over 24 TONS of trash are usually collected. The aftermath of the marijuana sites have devastating impacts on wildlife, water quality, and human life. The harmful chemicals are in the water with carbofuran, rodenticide, etc which poisons smaller species and ourselves. 

We had the opportunity to get certified for dirt bike training! As an LEO we are able to ride in the forest with dirt bikes & snowmobiles. While being 5’2, I had a hard time reaching the ground, but managed to stay on the bike throughout the course. A good workout for the weekend!

I’ve had an exciting experience since the beginning of my internship, and I am looking forward to building many relationships with coworkers and others in the community. This internship is a huge opportunity for me and I am glad to be a part of the program!

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