The Marianas Memorial

Photo by Jether

The Marianas Memorial, built in 2004, contains 929 Chamorros and Carolinian names of the people that have died during or because of World War II. All the name are engraved on a total of ten plaques and it mentions their age when they passed away.

One side of the memorial plaque

As part of the tour of the park, we bring the kids or adults to this memorial after the Court of Honor. This memorial seems to resonate more with the locals, some of the younger kids are able to find names on the plaques that have the same age or if they are locals they look for the same last names.

“The Marianas Memorial honors Chamorros and Carolinians who lost their lives during World War II. Their Plight and sacrifice will be remembered for all time.” -The plaque.

The other side of the memorial

The plaque you see at entrance.

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