Birding with deaf and hard of hearing


Photo taken by me that is why i’m not in it.

This was a special session for me. Going into it knowing that I was going to have a difficult time communicating with the kids I thought I was going to be stressing out the whole time, but it was quiet the opposite. These kids were nothing short of amazing, they payed attention to our presentation, replied when asked a question and the whole time they seemed interested. Teaching them how to bird was a breeze too. They got the hang of binoculars pretty quickly and got straight into bird watching. I like to think that they enjoyed the experience just as much as I did, considering the amount of hugs and high fives I got after.


Laurina show the kids bird to look out for.


Two of the kids learning how to use the binoculars with a councilor..


Student on the left and interpreter on the right.

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