Bald Eagles, Restorations, Tours and More!

The first week, Scott Einberger, the Supervisory Interpretive Park Ranger for Whiskeytown gave their bilingual seasonal and I a tour of the beautiful park from the lake to the mountains, beaches and creeks! We got to see historical sites as well such as the Glory Hole Dam, The Kennedy Memorial (which was the last place in California that Kennedy visited!) and the Tower House Historic District!

Russ Weatherbee, Whiskeytown’s wildlife biologist kindly gave me a bit of a wildlife birding tour of the park. It started off with a BANG given that our first raptor spotting was Whiskeytown’s Bald Eagles and their chicks! Take a look!



We also went to other areas of the park and were able to hear and see Wild Turkeys, loud Mountain Quail, Dark eyed Juncos, Yellow Warbler, Noisy Yellow-breated Chats, Common Yellowthroats, Spotted-Towhees and more!

Assistance for the park! 

I was thrilled to help with a couple things my first couple weeks in! The very first things were assisting in making sandwich boards for Park Ranger Led programs to place around the park. I also helped with setting up life jacket vest stands at Brandy and Oak Bottom beach. We assisted with stocking said stands with life vests kindly donated by the Friends of Whiskeytown! 

We then helped with restoring the Auditorium at Oak Bottom! We removed some weeds and helped shaved down and sand the benches before repainting them! The after shot is shown on the bottom.

This will be just the start of things to come this busy summer at Whiskeytown!

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