American Memorial Park’s Fish and Feathers Summer Program

First Session of the Month of June!

The American Memorial Park located in the island of Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Fish and Feathers’ interns host their very first F&F Summer Program for ages 11-18 years old, up to 25 participants for each session.

Fish and Feathers Inters, Jether Yobech and Laurina Sebaklim worked together to put an educational summer program that gives the whole learning and hands on experience of bird watching and Rod & Reel fishing. The smiles on these young adults and children was a very heartwarming feeling for our Laurina and Jether. With all the positive feedbacks, the interns felt success out of their hands!

The picture shown is their last day of the summer program which ended with a nice award ceremony, in celebration of our campers completed their first ever, Fish and Feathers Summer Program. With completing the program, this grants them the opportunity to access American Memorial Parks Equipment Library which they will be able to check out birding and fishing gears/equipments.

Fish and Feathers Summer Program introduces the birding section of the Program. Orchid Castro documents her description of the birds she has spotted around the park along with her birding partner, Prescilla Ruak..

American Memorial Park’s Fish and Feathers Summer Program introduces hands on activity of fishing with a rod and reel at the Park’s Marina on the second day of the program. Rakib Hassen happily holds his victory catch while his fishing partner, Pritom Sen observes his catch.

This is our fellow Fish and Feathers Summer Program Camper, Rakib Hassen’s catch of the day. A beautiful juvenile Highfin Rudderfish also known as ‘Guili’ in Chamorro.

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