Howdy! This new blog is about some trails I have taken at Bandelier National Monument, which you also can enjoy if you visit this park in northern New Mexico.

The first trail I knew was the Main Loop; this is a short and pleasant 1.4-mile hike. Here you can see vestiges of the Ancestral Pueblo People who lived there about 500-700 years ago. Examples of their presence are petroglyphs, cavities to store food or rest in if these were cliff dwellings, and the kivas, religious and political meeting places.

Some cavities at the Main Loop Trail.

The second recommended trail is Alcove House, located an additional mile from Main Loop Trail. To access the final section of this route, it is necessary to climb some stairs; here, we can see another kiva of the Ancestral Puebloans. The access to these structures was through the roof.

Kiva on Alcove House Trail.

The third route I enjoyed was Falls Trail; on this 1.5-mile path with riparian vegetation, you can appreciate a stunning view of the Frijoles Canyon, a waterfall mainly in the rainy season, and watch birds.

Waterfall at Falls Trail.

My fourth recommendation is the Tyuonyi Overlook, which is ubicated just behind the Juniper Campground. If you hike this 2.2-mile trail, you will get a panoramic view of Frijoles Canyon with the visitor center in the middle (initial photo). Likewise, it is an excellent place for bird watching.

Finally, my fifth recommendation is the Frey Trail. This 2-mile route is also behind Juniper Campground; from this point, you can hike to the visitor center while enjoying an incredible view.

Landscape from the Frey Trail.

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