Meet Ranger Brooke!

One of the biggest takeaway from this experience was being able to work with the most passionate and hardworking individual.
The person I have come to know is the beautiful woman on my right, Brooke Nevitt. She currently holds the position of Lead Interp Ranger here at American Memorial Park. Brooke was born in the state of Washington but was raised in the Micronesian islands. Her family raised her on the island of Pohnpei at the age of 2 and then moved to the island of Saipan when she was just 6 years old. From there on, she has absorbed the island’s beauty, culture, and the knowledge of the Micronesian History.

Brooke enjoys spending her time at the park. “I love speaking to you all and introducing our Park’s mission because it is important. It is what makes us special”, Brooke says to the summer camps that have visited the park recently. Not only is she passionate about her job at the park, but she is an amazing Lead Ranger. She is always on top of her schedules and tasks. Brooke does her best to make sure that the visitors who visit the Park are greeted with much respect and warm welcomes. She makes sure that her staffs’ working environment is safe for everyone. Keeping everyone in a good mood, making sure that everyone is well, and assuring the staffs’ concerns is what Brooke does best. Not only are we her staff/coworkers but she treats us like her own family. 

Being the best Lead Ranger of all is the definition of Brooke Neivtt!

  • Brooke Nevitt
    Posted at 00:34h, 28 July

    sniff sniff…I am not crying! LOL. We live and work in a special place, so it is easy to get excited about sharing it with others. Laurina, you and Jether have taken an idea we had and EXPLODED it into something amazing. Thank you for your hard work, positive attitude, and willingness to try something that none of us have ever done before. Cheers to a job well done and to your next adventure.

    • Laurina Sebaklim
      Posted at 00:42h, 28 July

      Thank you for the greatest experience here at American Memorial Park! I love and appreciate you very much! I will miss you and our amazing AMME team.
      Cheers to the BEST Lead Ranger!