My Fish and Feathers highlight?

This summer has been a blast so far…How could it not? My job was teaching the community how to fish and bird watch, both of which I enjoy doing outside of work. Before I applied for this internship I had zero experience with bird watching or bird identification but it is now a hobby. I blame it on the great introduction I got when in Colorado. Once I got back to Saipan the first thing I did was look for a DSLR that I could use to capture my progression in my birding adventure. So to answer “what was my highlight for this summer?”, it is one hundred percent birding. I enjoyed seeing myself be able to remember more and more birds whenever I went out. However, it is a distraction whenever I try to identify a bird while driving.

Egretta Sacra, Pacific Reef Heron, Chuchuko Atilong
Cleptornis marchei, Golden White-Eye, Canaria
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  • Chloe Calvo
    Posted at 02:41h, 27 July

    These pictures are amazing!!!