AMME’s Summer program

The summer program for American Memorial Park’s was educating the younger community on fishing and birding. We decided to do a 2 day camp every other week where we would teach about twenty 11-18 year old kids about how they can get into fishing and birding. The first day would be all about the basics and knowledge that they would be using all day the next day. We show them what a life list is for birds, different species of birds/fish that can be found on park grounds and how to properly use a rod and reel. Once we teach them this, the whole second day is going out and actually be bird watching and fishing. On completion of the camp, they would receive a certificate and are able to return to the park anytime to rent the park’s fishing and birding gear.

Apart from the 2 day camp, we also did a fishing clinic every Saturday. This was targeted for every age, more specifically parents that would want to learn about fishing with their kids or even friend groups above 18 that were interested. The day consisted of quickly running through different types of fishing, types of bait, fishing responsibly and how to properly use a rod and reel. The day started at 9:00 A.M. and end around 12:00 P.M.

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