Law Enforcement in Mount Hood National Forest

Hello! I am Devin Guice, and I am an intern for the Mount Hood National Forest. I am training to become a law enforcement officer. My goal for this internship is to become a special agent. I am a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Forestry. I am also pursuing a degree in sustainable biomaterials and packaging.

 I have always had a love for law enforcement investigation, as well as being in the outdoors and enjoying nature. I want to protect the most valuable resource that is on earth, as well as help enforce laws that protect our citizens. This position gives me the opportunity to be both a protector of sustainable resources and a protector of the people that use and enjoy it. I have also noticed that criminals tend to hide out in these forests, which is good for me since I can help find these people and bring them to justice. 

 I have worked on a multitude of cases, and I can honestly have not had a “slow” day since I have joined. I am indebted to Environment of the Americas for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to posting more content and helping others find their calling like I have. 

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