National Park Service Music Video!

Our newest project is not our first time with this new way of getting information out! We have paired up with Historic Highlights Media. This would be the park’s third music video with Cameron Motten, as he produced one video introducing the history of Castillo De San Marcos and another video with Castillos bitter-sweet history. Our newest music video is featuring the nature of Fort Matanzas and everything it has to offer. Our resource manager ranger, along with our Scientist in Parks intern, have collaborated to help create this educational video to add an extra layer of learning material and to help protect our parks and the lands that are used by our wildlife here in Fort Matanzas. I’ve enjoyed working alongside these amazing people in the park, from maintenance, boat captains, and interpretation, to law enforcement. Everyone here cares and wants to add value to the park through their passion and will to do more and provide the public with the best experience every day.


Least tern

The music video won’t only showcase our team of interns but also the activities available for those who visit the park. From fishing to birding, boating to surfing, and simply laying on the beach, you think of it and Matanzas has it. We have videos of sea turtle tracks, least tern nests, beach clean-up, osprey, black vultures, laughing gulls, ghost crabs, and even some sea shell finds on our walk-around Fort Matanzas’ beaches.Mocking birds harass the crows in the picnic area, cardinals and blue jays play and chase each other. There are wading birds like spoonbills, herons, great egrets, and snowy egrets, and near the marsh trails, we also have a bald eagle paired with pleated woodpeckers and a great horned owl residing in the park.


Gopher Tortoise

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