Some tips for birding in another country

Hello! Birding in another country is an exciting experience, but at the same time, we might feel lost and frustrated, so I will share some tips.

First, I suggest having the eBird and Merlin apps on your phone and installing the package more adequate to our geographic area to visit. In my case, I installed the US: Southwest package on Merlin, and the New Mexico, US pack on eBird.

Second, I recommend that you get at a field guide before the trip because certain species can be tricky and may need verification with more detail. For example, I brought the Sibley Guide to Birds, 2014, because I can find most of the American birds in this guide.

My third tip is to have a camera and take pictures of birds that are new to you or belong to complex groups, such as flycatchers, woodpeckers, shorebirds, or warblers. This way, you can identify them later.

Finally, enjoy your stay. Don’t feel bad if you can’t identify all the birds on your walks; sometimes, we can’t take photos or see specific details in seconds.

I wish excellent birding to all! I am sharing these bird photos I have taken in New Mexico to end the blog.

Red-winged Blackbird 

Lark Sparrow

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