Featured Image: Stack Rock trail in the Boise National Forest.

As I touched upon in my previous blog, the first half of 2022 has been filled with more excitement, joy, and learning than I could have ever imagined. Personally, participating in the Resource Assistant program was an experience that allowed me to connect with many research scientists in the Rocky Mountain region and play a role in supporting important conservation and restoration efforts. Working with Environment for the Americas has been a wonderful way to get plugged with the Forest Service and learn about the different opportunities that are out there. I look forward to everything that my future with the agency and in Boise will bring. I wish all the best to all the current and future Resource Assistants and EFTA interns! I hope that this experience will be just as, if not more, fruitful for you as it has been for me. My one parting tidbit of advice – make the most of it 😊

Climbing the Black Cliffs by Lucky Peak.
Phacelia hastata (PHHA) being pollinated along Station Creek Trail.
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