A Look Into the Mount Hood National Forest

The location I am performing my internship is the beautiful Mount Hood National Forest.  located near Portland, Oregon, I chose this place because I felt that this area would be nice to live in. One of the biggest decision factors was making sure that the place I chose would be a nice place to start my life while stationed here. I wanted to be located in a diverse landscape and community, and this location is perfect fit to my wants and needs. I have always seen what Oregon looked like in movies and pictures, but never actually seen it for myself. Now that I have, I can say this was what I expected and more. 

The way the  landscape changes drastically really caught me buy surprise. One minute you can look at the mount hood covered in snow even though it is almost 95 degrees outside, then you could drive further east for half an hour and the land you were once standing on becomes almost a high desert. The closest resemblance to what I saw would have to be  Wyoming with its rolling hills  and little amount of trees. Oregon has such a diverse landscape that every day I patrol I am excited to see what other new parts of Oregon I have not found as of yet. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work on this vast forest with these LEOs. I would not trade this opportunity for anything.

picture of Mt. Hood taken from Hood river.
View of Mt. Hood from Hood River.

The Columbia river gorge. Taken in The Dalles, Oregon.

Taken at the base of Mt. Hood.
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