Wildlife in the parks!

Fort Matanzas is home to the Florida Birding trail and is home to more than 200 birds. Fort Matanzas holds so much to offer from food sources, nesting sites, and weather. The climate and geographic land mass hold many diverse terrains and compositions, perfect for all types of birds. Shorebirds have the perfect hunting grounds from low and high tides allowing the shorebirds easy pickings. From herons to egrets, to our endangered least terns each of these birds find our National park a perfect nesting and hunting ground for their future generations!

More than birds, the fishing culture here in Fort Matanzas allows beginner fishermen a chance to learn and grow to allow for a way to catch a meal in a sustainable way. The area also allows experienced fishermen a chance for the big game. From offshore to off-the-bridge fishing, the big game likes to chase the smaller fish towards the inlet. Surf fishing allows for a different challenge for fishermen by having to read the tides and read the waves to find the fish highway between the sand bars.

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