Trails System Resource Assistant for the Wayne National Forest – Marissa Hurst

My name is Marissa Hurst, and I am here the Wayne National Forest in Ironton Ohio, serving as a Trails System Resource Assistant. I was unfortunately on leave due to COVID but even then, I have still been able to learn so much about my position in the amount of time I have been here! As I have been here interning, I have practiced and utilized skills, such as conducting trail restoration on the trails system, campsite management, assisting on the Multi-Resource Crew, experiencing the Recreational and Wildlife services, as well as even becoming a apart of a team of managers to lead an AmeriCorps team to also help restore the trails that the Wayne has to offer.

I am excited to not only be a part of such a wonderful organization but to be able to learn more about the United States Forest Service, as well as become a better steward to the environment surrounding me.

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