RAP 5 Site-Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia Tree at Trail of 100 Giants

Howdy Yall, Greg here again. Informing yall on which forest I work at in California, for the Resource Assistant Program.

The Sequoia National Forest covers 1.1 million acres of land and is one of the largest forest districts of Southern California.

It is so large it is separated into three districts, Hume Lake, Western Divide, and Kern River Ranger District.

I am currently stationed at the Kern River Ranger District which encompasses the Kern River, Lake Isabella, Paiute Mountains, Kern Plateau, Alt Sierra Ski Resort, and gateway to the sequoia trail of 100 giants.

It also has a variety of recreation activities such as 578 miles worth of trails including the famous Pacific Crest Trail which crosses 68 miles of forested mountains, off highway vehicle trails in high deserts, and swimming/rafting activities on the Kern river system.

For those that want to have more of a cultural experience, there is the Kern Museum, and the Nuui Cunni Native American Intertribal Cultural Center and Museum; they also served the best tacos on the weekends as well.

The Sequoia and Kern River has seen an increase in visitors since during their summer season since covid, it has been estimated that the visitors had increase from 1 million to about 3 million visiting the district for recreation and outdoor activities.

This district offers a unique ecosystem experience to anyone visiting this unique environment from rocky desert to massive river system, to forested mountains tops, and unique geologic features that will give anyone a trip to talk about.

Kern River District from Paiute Mountain
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